All Packaging available for Purchase

SLS Seals / SLSN Numbered Security Seals

We provide SLS Security Seals alongside our crate products to ensure your items are transported safely and securely. SLS Security Seals can be fitted to both sides of the crate to secure the lid shut, and can be easily cut off after use. For added security, we also offer SLSN Numbered Security Seals, which provide a unique security number to each crate.

Quantity: Bags of 100

LBL Labels

We supply low tack, easy peel LBL Labels that can be used for your crates, furniture and all other office and household items, perfect for organising your moves. Each label has a section to write on for easy allocation and distribution of your items, and we stock ten different colours: red, orange, yellow, green, light blue, dark blue, purple, pink, brown, black.

Dimensions: L75 x W50 mm

Quantity: 8 LBL Labels per sheet

TP Packing Tape

Our PVC packing tape helps secure your items, and can be used on packaging including our BBW Bubble Film Roll & CB Computer Bag. The heavy-duty tape ensures your items are safely packed and protected.

Dimensions: 48mm width x 66m roll length

BBW Bubble Film Roll

Our BBW Bubble Film Roll is 100m long x ½ m wide, providing plenty of material to wrap all your valuable and more fragile items. All our rolls of BBW Bubble Film Roll have shock absorbing air bubbles.  

Dimensions: 100m x 0.5m (500mm)

CB Computer Bag

All our computer bags are 1m square, and shock absorbing.  They can be used to cover monitor screens for added protection, and for wrapping smaller and more fragile items.