All Crates and Cages available for Hire

SC Security Crate

Our SC Security Crate is our most popular crate and perfect for any move. Whether you require our products for a home or office move, the SC Security Crate is ideal for storage and removals. Perfect for books, desktop and ornamental items, kitchen items and appliances and many more, the SC Security Crate can also hold up to ten lever arch files, making your filing and paperwork transportation a breeze!

External: L710 x W460 x H370 mm
Internal: L590 x W370 x H340 mm
Volume: 80 Litres

LCC Lidded Computer Crate

Our LCC Lidded Computer Crates are perfectly designed for the moving and storage of IT equipment. With the capacity to comfortably hold a standard 21” computer screen, as well as any computer accessories such as keyboards, wires and towers, our LCC Lidded Computer Crates are ideal for both home and office moves. Additionally, we recommend using our CB Computer Bag and BBW Bubble Film Roll to further protect your equipment.

External: L750 x W570 x H620 mm
Internal: L540 x W430 x H580 mm
Volume: 171 Litres

LMC Lidded Metre Crate

Our LMC Lidded Metre Crates are ideal for the storage and transportation of lateral filing systems and bookshelves, as well as files and all paperwork, making them the best choice for your office, archiving and library moves. The generous and unique size of the crates allows for the moving of a complete library shelf, as well as those longer items which may not fit in other crates, meaning you can safely store all your items without having to compromise on security.

External: L1150 x W478 x H360 mm
Internal: L1050 x W420 x H340 mm
Volume: 130 Litres

IT2 Lidded Computer Crate

Our IT2 Lidded Computer Crates are tailored for the moving and storage of IT equipment, designed to hold flat screen computer monitors, as well as computer accessories such as keyboards and wires. Measuring slightly smaller than our LCC Lidded Computer Crate, the IT2 occupies less space when stacked, allowing for a safer and clearer working environment, whilst making transportation an easier process as well.

External: L750 x W570 x H480 mm
Internal: L560 x W470 x H450 mm
Volume: 140 Litres

LC1 Locker Crate

Our LC1 Locker Crates are our smallest sized crate, and are ideal for personal use and the storage of smaller desktop items, files and accessories. The LC1 is the perfect choice for working from home, and the transportation of items to and from the office. Being our smallest and lightest crate, the LC1 allows for a safer and more open working space, whilst making transportation quick and easy.

External: L400 x W300 x H310 mm
Internal: L330 x W250 x H290 mm
Volume: 25 Litres

LC2 Medium Crate

Our LC2 Medium Crates are perfect for both home and office use. Bigger than our LC1 and slightly smaller and lighter than our SC Security Crate, the LC2 Crate is easy to move and doesn’t compromise on storage space for those larger items at home or in the office.

External: L600 x W420 x H330 mm
Internal: L500 x W330 x H300 mm
Volume: 54 Litres

SRC Security Rollcage

Our SRC Security Rollcages allow for the easy and secure transportation of larger and heavier items, such as computer towers and all other IT equipment. They have a single shelf in the middle, allowing for 2 surfaces to load your items, as well as a strong base and a roof. The cages are durable and fully lockable, providing extra protection.

External: L860 x W737 x H1676 mm