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Crate Hire in London and throughout the UK

Mastercrate is not about variety.
It’s not about being all things to all people.
It’s about doing something simple and
doing it better than anyone else.

That something is crate hire


At Mastercrate, we pride ourselves in being different. Not just for the sake of it but because our approach to the crate hire business works and it works throughout all aspects of the service we provide.



Our approach to management is one of open doors and open minds. We believe in being both receptive and pro-active in order to ensure that the undoubted experience of the Management Team can be directed to finding the right solution for the challenges that we face. This is easily measurable by the growth in the level of business that we receive.

Crate Hire


In order to ensure the best possible level of service to our clients we believe in employing the best people and carry out an ongoing programme of staff training.

Mastercrate Systems


At Mastercrate we believe that systems are there to serve people and not vice versa. Just as we invest heavily in our people, so do we invest in the systems which enable them to provide the most efficient service to our clients.



We take a long term view of our client relationships. Apart from offering a quality crate hire service, we are happy to help you in finding the right solutions to all aspects of office relocations. This relocation solutions service is totally free of charge.



At Mastercrate, we set ourselves stringent business targets to achieve each year in order to ensure that we maintain our trend of continued improvement and growth. There are no short cuts however and we continually remind ourselves that we can only improve by providing You the Client with a quality and cost effective service.

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